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  • Casing Upgrades
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  • Pump Rate Testing
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  • Professional Pump Pulling
  • Sales Repairs & Installations
  • Submersible & Jet Pumps
  • All Makes & Models

Hydro Fracturing, Hydrofracturing, Hydro Fracking or water well Fracturing these are a few of the names that have been applied to the process of opening the natural fissures that supply water to a drilled well. Over time these fissures can become blocked with sediment or build-ups of dirt and rock and can slow to stop the flow of water into the well. Hydro Fracturing uses extreme high pressure water to open and expand these fissures thereby restoring or increasing the flow of water to the well.

Ontario Water Well is the most experienced Hydro Fracturing Company in North America. At Ontario Water Well Fracturing we manufacture our own trucks and equipment and ours are the only Hydro fracturing trucks; utilizing a “double packer” system, using pressures in excess of 6000 Pounds per Square inch (PSi) and with over 18 years of experience throughout Canada and around the world we have proven our success at finding water between 50’ and 300’ in 99% of wells. That is why we offer all of our customers the following guarantee.

  "We GUARANTEE water or you don’t pay."

  Whether you have

    …a new well without water
       …an existing well that has gone dry
          …or poor water in a producing well…

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E-mail: troy@ontariowaterwellfracturing.com
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