Pine Veau Water Well Fracturing

Why Ontario Water Well Fracturing

Ontario Water Well specializes in one service, we only Hydro Fracture Water Wells and have been doing this for over 18 years. Since we also manufacture all of our own equipment we are able to guarantee that “we find water or you don’t pay”. If your drilled well has gone dry after years of loyal service and a well drilling company wants to drill a new well.


CALL US FIRST! Allow Ontario Water Well to offer you an alternative to torn up lawns and driveways, days of noise and mess and the expense of drilling a new well with no guarantee of success.

The high-pressure components for our machines have come directly from the oil fields. Our machines are capable of producing a minimum of 6000 Pounds per Square inch (PSi) and pumping up to 200 gallons per minute (GPM) creating extremely high pressure in the well. This high pressure increases our likelihood of opening blocked water veins and producing a higher output well. By fracturing an existing drilled well, we can improve the flow of the well, even if the hole is considered dry, or has gone dry after many productive years. Our industry leading technology, high pressure fracturing, double packer system and industrial strength components all combine to produce multiple quality fractures in your well ensuring the highest possible gallons per minute.

Our system can also be solution to bad water problems. Using our unique “double packer” technology we can isolate the areas where good water is located. For example if salt or sulphur is found at the bottom of the well, we can plug this lower area and fracture above where better quality water is located.

Download our Almanac Solutions Hydro-Fracturing article.

The following "Fact Sheet for Water Well Development by Hydrofracturing" issued by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador offers extensive information regarding the hydro fracturing of wells. While some of the information contained herein differs from what you will read on our web site we underline two important considerations to remember. First, our equipment is capable of creating a minimum of 6000 Pounds per Square inch (PSi) and second we only use a double packer system.

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