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Ismail Serageldin, former vice president for Sustainable Development at The World Bank was the first to be quoted that “If the wars of this century were fought over oil, the wars of the next century will be fought over water.”

Of all the worlds water reserves only 0.4%  is accessible. 97.2% is Ocean/Saltwater; of the 2.8% of the globe's water that is fresh, 2.41% of it lies in icecaps and glaciers. If estimates that global consumption of water is doubling every 20 years - more than twice the human population growth rate - are correct, then the opening quote may have more prophecy than we want to acknowledge.

Global Warming will be the largest single problem confronting our water supplies in the coming years. If you are having water problems with your drilled well today you can expect that they will only get worse in the years to come. At Ontario Water Well Fracturing we can help you solve your low producing or dry well troubles today.

Ontario Water Well Fracturing offers customers the option of having their well recorded both before and after the fracturing process. The following videos are actual client wells that we recorded various components of after fracturing.

When a well is fractured there is no way to control the type of fracture that may open or clear. The following videos demonstrate the two primary types of fractures a horizontal fracture and a vertical fracture.

Although both of these fractures appear to provide large volumes of water the true measure of a well’s output is the accumulated water that enters the well and falls or flows to the bottom. This video demonstrates the effect of a tour down the drilled well from top to bottom, and how even small fractures that are not clearly visible accumulate to offer a large flow at the bottom of the well.

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